If you were previously using Deductr, you can convert your Deductr account to automatically pull your 2019 data into Hurdlr. You can follow the steps outlined here to convert your account. 

After converting your account, all of your 2019 data from Deductr will be in the appropriate section (Income, Expenses, and Mileage) of Hurdlr. 

Your 2018 data will not be carried over into Hurdlr, but you can still access your Deductr account until October 16, 2019 to export your reports with that data. 

To do so:

1. Log into your Deductr account: https://app.deductr.com/login

2. Click the Reports button along the top

3. You’ll be able to select which report, the date range, and either print or download it. 

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