One convenient feature for rideshare drivers in Hurdlr is linking your Uber Partner account to track your earnings automatically.

There are a few things you should know before linking your Uber account:

  1. Adding your Uber Partner account tracks earnings, not mileage (because Uber only records a portion of your deductible business mileage).

  2. We do not recommend linking Uber and your bank account, as this will result in duplicate earnings. We recommend adding your Uber account if your bank isn’t currently supported or if you prefer not to link a bank.

  3. On your 1099, Uber reports your gross income (ie. income before they take their fees), not your net income (ie. income they deposit in your bank account). So, Hurdlr tracks it the same way. We pull in your gross income as income and the related Uber Service Fee as an expense. If you subtract the fee in Hurdlr from the income, it will match your net income. New earnings and fee expenses appear in the app daily for the previous day once the payouts have been finalized.

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