Suggested expense rules are AI-based suggestions meant to help you put your finances on auto-pilot by having Hurdlr automatically tag your expenses for you. Based on your tagging habits, Hurdlr will suggest rules that you can view, edit, and accept or reject. 

When you have a rule suggestion, you’ll see a blue “Suggested Rules” banner on the Expenses tab. 

If you tap on it, it will show you the list of rules being suggested, and you can swipe to approve or reject them. 

If you want to make edits to the rule before approving it, you can do that by tapping on the rule, making your edits, then tapping “Approve Rule” at the bottom.

When you approve a rule (either swiping or via the approve rule button), you’ll have the option to apply to only future expenses or to both past and future expenses. 

Advanced Rules:

If you have transactions that have transaction/date specific data (ie. dates, account info, etc), you can use the Advanced Rules feature to create a rule for a non-exact match.  

To do this edit the transaction name to remove the transactions specific data, then tap Advanced Rules. 

You’ll now see the option to toggle on a switch to apply the rule to non-exact matches. If you toggle that on, it will apply the rule to any expense that includes the transaction name, even if the expense also includes transaction-specific data.

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