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Can I link multiple Shopify shops in Hurdlr?
Can I link multiple Shopify shops in Hurdlr?
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If you have multiple Shopify shops under the same Shopify account (ie. same email login), you can link all of the ones that you want into one Hurdlr account. 

1. To link them to Hurdlr, log into the Shopify dashboard for the shop you want to link, then go to Hurdlr’s Shopify App Store page and click the “Add app” button (Important Note: If you have already created your Hurdlr account, make sure it is under the same email address as your Shopify account before completing this step.)

2. Shopify will sync with your Hurdlr account and bring you into the Hurdlr app

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each shop that you want to link.

4. When you go to the Banks & Integrations section (gear icon in the top right > Banks & Integrations), you’ll see that your multiple Shopify shops are linked for income. You can toggle the switches on/off for the ones that you want linked. 

Note: If you have multiple shops under different Shopify accounts, then you will only be able to link one. 

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