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What reports are available?
What reports are available?
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Hurdlr’s reports are broken down into 6 categories: Mileage Reports, Expense Reports, Income Reports, Tax Reports, Time & Task Reports, and Accounting Reports. At the top of the screen, for easy access, you’ll also see our most popular reports. 

By clicking on a section to expand it, you’ll be able to see a list of all of the available reports for that category and see options to view, download, or email it. 

The full list of available reports includes: 

1. Mileage Reports

  • Business Mileage by Business

  • Business Mileage by Client (Pro)

  • Mileage Detail List (spreadsheet)

  • Personal Mileage by Category

2. Expense Reports 

  • Business Expenses by Business

  • Business Expenses by Category

  • Business Expenses by Vendor

  • Business Expenses by Client (Pro)

  • Expense Details List with Receipts (spreadsheet)

  • Personal Expenses by Category

  • Personal Expenses by Vendor

  • Total Expenses from Recurring Vendors

3. Income Reports

  • Business Income by Business

  • Business Income by Client (Pro)

  • Income Detail List with Receipts (spreadsheet)

  • Personal Income

4. Tax Reports

  • Schedule C

  • Tax Details (for Tax Filing)

5. Time & Tasks Reports

  • Business Time by Business

  • Business Time by Client (Pro)

  • Business Time by Task

  • Time & Task Detail List

6. Invoice Report

  • Aged Accounts (Pro)

7. Accounting Reports

  • Balance Sheet (Pro)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Trial Balance (Pro)

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