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How do I end a recurring invoice? (Pro)
How do I end a recurring invoice? (Pro)
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If you need to stop a recurring invoice from continuing, there are a few steps to take, depending on the scenario.

If the invoice was sent, but not yet paid: Hover over the drop-down menu to the right of the invoice and select "Edit Recurrence". Click "Yes" to confirm that this will edit future invoices, then change the Frequency back to one-time and re-save the invoice.

If the invoice was sent and paid: It isn’t possible to directly edit the recurrences of an invoice that has been marked as paid. To end a recurring invoice that was marked as paid, first remove the payment, then go to your Active Invoice section. Click on the invoice, then choose "Edit Recurrence" and change the Frequency to one-time, then resave the invoice. You can then add the payment back to the invoice.

If a recurring invoice is scheduled or sent, but not yet paid and needs to be cancelled: When you cancel a recurring invoice, you can choose to cancel just the current invoice, or All Future Invoices. Choose All Future Invoices to cancel the current invoice as well as future recurrences. Choose Single Invoice to cancel the current invoice, but not future recurrences.

Note: If you choose to cancel a single invoice, but later need to cancel the future recurrences, you can do so when they appear as Scheduled in your Invoices Dashboard (3 days prior to sending). You can click on the Scheduled Invoice and change it to a one-time invoice to prevent future recurrences, then you can cancel/archive the recurrence to avoid sending it to your customer.

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