With the Favorite Location feature, you can name addresses that you travel to often such as your Home, Office, Client Site, Grocery Store, Gym, etc. This makes it easier to identify your trips. For example, if you create a Favorite Location for your Client Site, you’ll easily be able to identify those trips as business, while if you create a favorite location for your Gym, you’ll easily be able to identify that those trips are personal. In fact, you can even create rules to automatically tag those drives as business/personal.

To create a new favorite location:

  1. Tap on a new drive and scroll down to the start/end location field

  2. Tap on the blue star next to the address you want to name.

3. Once you tap on the blue star, you can name the location and save it.

To see a list of your favorite locations, tap the gear icon in the Mileage tab and tap on Favorite Locations. You can tap any location in the list to see the address, create new rules, see what rules are applied to it, or delete the favorite location

When you export your Mileage Detail List spreadsheet, the full addresses of your Favorite Locations will still be shown for the start and stop locations.

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