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How do I save a draft invoice? (Pro)
How do I save a draft invoice? (Pro)
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After you create an invoice, you have 4 options:

  • Save and Send

  • Save Final Without Sending

  • Save As Draft

  • Send As Quote

If you’re ready to send the invoice to your client now, you can select “Save and Send” to send the invoice directly to your client.

If this is the final version of the invoice and it will not require any modifications, you can choose “Save Final Without Sending”. Before choosing this option, make sure that you’ve added all of the Time & Task entries, expenses, or other line items you want to bill your client for.

Important Note: If you click “Save Final Without Sending”, you will save a finalized, non-modifiable version of your invoice that you can send to your client at a later date.

If you may need to edit the invoice later before sending, you can choose “Save as Draft”. With this option, you’ll be able to go through the invoice later and make any changes before sending.

If the invoice is a quote or estimate, select “Send as Quote”. This will inform the user that it’s a quote and show a “DRAFT” watermark across the invoice.

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