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How can I delete a journal entry I made? (Pro)
How can I delete a journal entry I made? (Pro)
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If you made a mistake while entering a manual journal entry, you can delete the manual journal entry that you made. Remember, Pro users can invite their accountants to make journal entries on your behalf, so we encourage you to reach out to your accountant for help if you’re not familiar with journal entries.

To delete a manual journal entry, click Accounting > General Ledger > Click on the Journal entry that you made. In the expanded view, click "Delete Journal Entry" to permanently delete the manual journal entry.

If you previously edited your journal entry, deleting the journal entry will also remove any entries that accounted for the edits.

Note: that Hurdlr will automatically make a corresponding journal entry as you tag your income and expense transactions, so it’s not possible to delete non-manual journal entries. If you need to change these entries, you would need to edit the original income/expense transaction itself to create an updated entry.

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