If you have an active Taxbot account, your account was converted over to Hurdlr. When this conversion occurred, we sent you an email with information to log into your converted account to use moving forward. To help you find this email in your inbox, we'd recommend searching "Hurdlr" in your inbox. If you're still not seeing it after searching, we'd recommend checking your spam folder. If you're still unable to locate this email, please reach out to our support team at hello@hurdlr.com and be sure to include your name and the email address that your Taxbot account was under.

In the email, when you tap the "Get the App" button on your phone, it will take you to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Hurdlr mobile app (if you click this button on your computer, it will take you into Hurdlr's web app). You should be logged into Hurdlr automatically when you open the Hurdlr app, but if you're not, you can use the temporary password in the email we sent you to log in.

After your first login, you will be prompted to set a password. Once you've done that, you'll be able to see that all of your Taxbot data has pulled into Hurdlr and you can set up your Hurdlr account to use moving forward.

If you run into any trouble or have questions about the conversion process, please email us at hello@hurdlr.com.

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