Hurdlr offers a more powerful and reliable app than Taxbot. Hurdlr allows you to easily track all of your data and automate your finance and mileage tracking. On average, our users save $5,600 and 18 hours per year on their taxes.

The new features you’ll be able to leverage with Hurdlr Premium include:

  • Real-time tax calculations - See your detailed tax calculations in real-time and view your quarterly tax payment estimates, current tax obligation, and projected tax obligation, so you always know how much you owe.

  • AI-based expense and mileage categorization automation - Approve AI suggested rules to automatically categorize your recurring expenses and trips - saving you countless hours of tagging.

  • Speed tagging - Tag your income, expenses, and mileage in bulk saving you time from having to go through one-by-one.

  • More detailed reports - Hurdlr’s reports are extensive and include all of the data you’ll need to complete your tax filing.

Hurdlr is specially designed for all your devices: iPhones, iPads, Androids, Tablets, and Computers.

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