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How do I track the purpose of my trip or expenses?
How do I track the purpose of my trip or expenses?
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When you tag a trip or expense as Business in Hurdlr, you’ll be prompted to choose which business and which client (if applicable) you want to tag it to. This typically accounts for the purposes of the trip, however, users also have the option to add additional notes about the purpose of the trip or expense to help you remember it or its purpose.

To add a note to a trip or expense, tap on the trip or expense and enter your notes in the Notes field. Any notes you enter will also be shown in your reports.

For mileage, you have the option to be prompted to always enter a mileage note. To enable this, you can turn on Mileage Notes. To do this:

  1. Tap the white gear icon in the Mileage tab

  2. Scroll down to Mileage Notes

  3. Toggle to On

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