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How can I reconcile my client’s bank and credit card accounts? (Accountant Feature)
How can I reconcile my client’s bank and credit card accounts? (Accountant Feature)
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Reconciliation is an “Accountant Only” feature that allows accountants to ensure that their client’s transactions tracked in Hurdlr match their bank and credit card statements.

To reconcile your client’s bank or credit card account:

1. Click the “Action” button next to your client’s name in the Accountant Dashboard and select Reconcile from the drop-down menu.

2. This will log you into your client’s account and take you to the Reconciliation section to start a new reconciliation

3. Select which of your client’s linked accounts you’d like to reconcile

4. Select the timeframe you’d like to reconcile

5. The beginning balance will populate automatically based on the beginning balance/balance as of the begin date (Note: If this is the first time that you’re reconciling this particular bank account or credit card, you can edit the beginning balance field to set the starting balance for that account)

6. Set the end balance based on your client’s account balance as of the end date

7. Click the “Next” button

8. Go through the list of transactions from that account for the selected timeframe and categorize them accordingly. Note: If your client has already categorized transactions, you’ll see those categorizations reflected, you can click on them and make changes as needed.

9. Once you’ve categorized all of the transactions, you’ll see the ending balance and Hurdlr’s balance match and that $0 is remaining to be reconciled

10. To finish the reconciliation and save the transaction categorizations, click the “Save” button

11. After saving a balanced reconciliation, it will be displayed in the Historical section as “Completed”

If the reconciliation is not balanced and you click the “Save” button, it will save your changes and show the reconciliation as “In Progress”. You can go back and complete it at any time. To access a list of both your “Completed” and “In Progress'' reconciliations, click Reconciliation on the left side of the screen and select Historical. Click on an “In Progress” reconciliation to make edits or complete it.

If you have any questions about the reconciliation feature, please reach out to our Customer Success team via the in-app chat or via email at

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