Linking your Square account to Hurdlr is a smart and easy way to track your business sales, without needing to link an external bank account.

Link your Square account by tapping on the Income tab > toggle on auto-tracking > select Square. After successfully linking your Square account with Hurdlr, your historical earnings from Square will automatically be imported, and any new sales will show up as a daily summary to approve as business income.

Square earnings in Hurdlr reflect your daily sales totals, net of refunds. So, for example, if you made 3 sales for $10 each on September 1st, the earning will appear in Hurdlr for $30. However, if you also processed a $10 refund on September 1st, your September 1st earnings in Hurdlr will change to $20 ($30 sales - $10 refund). To summarize, if you issue customer refunds, the earning for that day is automatically adjusted to reflect your income after the refund.

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