Hurdlr Select offers many time and money saving features to help you save thousands on your taxes, and Hurdlr Premium takes it to the next level. Hurdlr Premium includes all of the Hurdlr Select features plus:

  • Fully automatic mileage tracking so you never miss a trip
  • The ability to speed tag your trips and transactions in bulk
  • AI-based expense and mileage rule suggestions to automatically tag your expenses and mileage for you
  • Detailed tax calculations
  • Automatic monthly reports

Hurdlr Premium pricing is pretty simple:

  • $60 annual plan ($4.99 a month, most popular)
  • $8 month-to-month plan, cancel anytime

Here’s a comparison of the difference between Hurdlr Select (your current plan) and Hurdlr Premium:

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