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Can I file my taxes via Hurdlr? (US)
Can I file my taxes via Hurdlr? (US)
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For our US users, Hurdlr Pro includes annual tax filing*. This includes tax filing for federal taxes plus one state. Many tax filing software charge $100+ for tax filing services alone. At just $200 per year, you get all of the time and money saving Premium and Pro features, plus tax filing!

During the tax season (January-April), simply tap the "File Taxes" button on the home screen to access the tax filing feature.

Click here to learn more about Hurdlr’s tax filing partnership with TaxSlayer.

*Important Note: Annual tax filing is included for all non-enterprise Hurdlr Pro users. If your Hurdlr Pro account is provided to you by a company you work for, your tax professional, etc, you are an Enterprise Hurdlr Pro user and your plan may not include annual tax filing.

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