For our US users, Hurdlr Pro includes annual tax filing.* This includes tax filing for federal taxes plus one state. Many tax filing software charge $100+ for tax filing services alone. At just $200 per year, you get all of the time and money saving Premium and Pro features, plus tax filing!

During the tax season (January-April), simply tap the "File Taxes" button on the home screen and all of your tax data from Hurdlr will transfer over to our filing partner’s online platform. If you don’t have prior-year data in Hurdlr already, or if your data in Hurdlr is incomplete, don’t worry – you can enter in additional income and deductions in our filing partner’s system at any point.

*Important Note: Annual tax filing is included for all non-enterprise Hurdlr Pro users. If your Hurdlr Pro account is provided to you by a company you work for, your tax professional, etc, you are an Enterprise Hurdlr Pro user and your plan may not include annual tax filing.

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