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What are the Pro features and how much does it cost? (Pro)
What are the Pro features and how much does it cost? (Pro)
Updated over a week ago

Hurdlr Pro is our most advanced subscription. You are still able to access all of the Premium features, in addition to more time and money-saving options!

Hurdlr Pro includes all Premium features, plus it adds:

Hurdlr Pro is a great tool for entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. Whether you’re an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, have multiple businesses, or view yourself as a true business owner, Pro includes all of the features you need to have the clearest picture of your business finances in one streamlined tool.

Hurdlr Pro Pricing:

Hurdlr Pro is $200 per year. If you upgrade to Pro from a Premium plan, your subscription will be prorated, applying any remaining value from your Premium plan to your new Pro subscription.

The cost of annual tax filing is included for all US, non-enterprise Hurdlr Pro users. If your Hurdlr Pro account is provided to you by a company you work for, your tax professional, etc., you are an Enterprise Hurdlr Pro user and your plan does not include annual tax filing.

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