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How do I complete my tax setup? (Canada)
How do I complete my tax setup? (Canada)
Updated over a week ago

To get the most accurate tax estimate in Hurdlr, make sure your Tax Profile is fully set up.

If you have not yet set up your Tax Profile

  1. Navigate to the Taxes Dashboard

  2. Click the ‘Get Started’ button

  3. Follow the prompts to set your state, filing status, and W-2 income (if applicable)

To set more advanced tax settings and make edits to your Tax Profile

  1. On the mobile app, tap the 3 dots in the top left corner or on the web app, click the gear icon in the top right corner

  2. Select ‘Tax Profile’

From there you'll be able to indicate different factors of your personal tax situation, so Hurdlr can provide you with the most accurate tax estimate: These factors include:

  • Marital Status

  • Annual Spousal Income (if filing status is set to Married)

  • Your Province

  • Annual Wage Income before taxes (if you have a salaried job in addition to owning a business or working as an independent contractor)

  • The amount of your wage withholdings (if applicable)

  • The total annual amount you expect to earn in business income (if you want to use your own estimate rather than what has been tracked in Hurdlr)

  • Dependents

  • Whether you’d like to use automated sales tax

  • Whether you’d like to use Hurdlr’s estimate or your own estimate of your vehicle usage for business

Hurdlr's Tax Engine doesn't estimate any taxes owed on your Wage Income, since those are already withheld; however, it’s important to add your annual Wage Income so Hurdlr can estimate your business taxes using the correct bracket(s).

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