One cool feature in Hurdlr is the ability to set your projected business income, rather than actual income, in order to see different tax and profit estimates. This is especially helpful if you run a seasonal business with uneven earnings throughout the year. 

To change from actual to estimated business income:

  1. On the mobile app, tap the Gear icon in the top right corner of the Taxes tab or in the web app, tap the Gear icon in the top right corner and select Tax Profile

  2. For the Annual 1099 Income question, you can select to use the app’s estimate or use your own.

  3. If you select to use your own estimate, enter your Annual 1099 Earnings Estimate, and the app will use the prorated annual income amount to estimate and display your taxes on the Home screen and in the Taxes section.

When ‘Use App Estimate’ is enabled, the app will use actual income and expense data entered in your account to calculate profit and tax estimates.

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