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How do I add a Hurdlr widget on Android?
How do I add a Hurdlr widget on Android?
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Hurdlr offers a home screen widget for Android users, allowing you to enable certain mileage tracking actions without opening the app.

With this widget, users can:

  • Turn the automatic mileage tracker on or off

  • Start/stop the semi-automatic tracker

To enable this widget from within Hurdlr

  1. On the mobile app, navigate to the Home Screen

  2. You’ll see an option to ‘Add Mileage Widget’

  3. Click ‘Add Now’

  4. Click 'Add' to confirm you want this widget on your Home Screen

  5. Once completed, the widget will show up automatically on your Android’s home screen so you can easily toggle on and off when wishing to track a trip

To enable this widget from your phone’s Home Screen:

  1. Go to your home screen on your Android

  2. Tap and hold your finger on any empty space on this screen

  3. A widgets option will pop up, select ‘Widgets’

  4. Scroll down to find Hurdlr and tap on it to add it to your Home Screen

To Remove a Widget

  1. Hold your finger on the Mileage widget

  2. Select 'Remove from Home'

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