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What are the optimal settings for mileage detection?
What are the optimal settings for mileage detection?
Read this checklist to ensure the most effective mileage tracking experience
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One of the most-used features in Hurdlr is the mileage tracker. Whether you're using automatic or semi-automatic tracking, follow this checklist to make sure Hurdlr's mileage tracker is working as effectively as possible.

1. Is Hurdlr running in the background?

Make sure the app is open and running in the background for the best mileage tracking experience. Note: If the app is not open, your phone may prevent it from running in the background.

Opening/interacting with the mobile app regularly prevents the app from being shut down by your phone without your knowledge.

2. Are 'Location Services' turned on for Hurdlr?

Location must be enabled and at the right setting to track mileage. To check your location settings:

On iOS:

Tap Settings > Hurdlr > Location > Always.

It's important to note that on iOS 13, you have an option to select app location services only 'While in Use'. Selecting 'While in Use' will prevent automatic drive detection. Apple has made it so 'While in Use' only allows the app to access your location when it's physically up on the screen, so it does not work for apps like Hurdlr that run in the background.

On iOS 14, there is a "Precise Location" setting. This must be toggled on for Hurdlr in order to accurately track your mileage.

On Android: Tap Settings > Apps > Hurdlr > Permissions and set Location to “Allow all the time.”

For Android 9 or below: Tap Settings > Security & Location > Location > On > High Accuracy (if applicable). If your Android device has the 'High Accuracy' setting, this must be selected to track mileage. If this is not an option, just make sure location settings are turned on.

For Android 10 or above: Ensure location permissions for Hurdlr are set to ‘Allow all the time’. Unfortunately, selecting ‘Allow only while using the app’ will result in your phone preventing Hurdlr from running properly in the background.

3. Did you force quit Hurdlr?

If you force-quit Hurdlr, mileage tracking will not work effectively. Force-Quitting is done by:

iPhone 8 or earlier: Double-clicking the center iPhone button

iPhone X or newer: Swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen

Android: Tapping the menu button on your Home Row and swiping the Hurdlr app off the screen.

4. Is your phone restricting background data, app, or battery usage?

On iOS:
Having Low Power Mode turned on may inhibit the mileage tracker's ability to determine location/distance in the background, so we recommend turning it off while tracking mileage.

On Android:
Some default Android device settings like Battery Optimization, Data Saver, App Power Monitor, Smart Manager, and App Standby are designed to shut down apps automatically and will prevent Hurdlr from being able to run in the background of your device. Check here for the full list of background restrictions for Androids and how to disable them.

5. Is Wi-Fi turned on?

Even when you aren't connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot like a coffee shop, your mobile device uses Wi-Fi hotspot proximity (if you live in a city, you could pass by thousands a day) to register location information. Wi-Fi is far more efficient on batteries than other location sources like GPS. You can turn on Wi-Fi for both iOS and Android devices by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > On.

6. Have you installed the latest Hurdlr update?

We are constantly improving Hurdlr to provide new features and address bugs. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app installed.

To check for new Hurdlr updates:

on iOS, go to the App Store and tap your profile picture at the top right. Pull down to refresh the page to see apps with the most recent updates and tap Update next to Hurdlr.

on Android, open the Play Store and tap the bubble in the top right to open the Setting menu. Tap Manage apps & device > Updates available and tap Update next to Hurdlr.

7. Do you have the latest version of your phone's OS?
For best results, make sure you're on the most up-to-date version of your phone's operating system. This ensures you have the latest features to support apps like Hurdlr. 

To check if you're on the latest OS: 

  • On iOS: Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install

  • On Android: Settings > System > About phone > System updates

8. Are you currently logged in to Hurdlr (and is it the correct account)?

Make sure you’re signed in to Hurdlr and your account's email address is correct to help make sure all your mileage is tracking as expected.

To verify you're signed in, open the Hurdlr app – if you see the login screen, you're not currently signed in, so enter your username and password. 

To double-check the account you're signed in under, tap 3 dots top left > My Account and Settings > see the email address at the top of the screen. Check for any misspellings, as it's possible you may have accidentally created a second account in the past.

Followed this checklist and still have an issue tracking mileage? Reach out to our Customer Success team (click the blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner) for one-on-one help or email us at

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