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How do I track my Home Office Deduction? What Methods does Hurdlr use? (Pro)
How do I track my Home Office Deduction? What Methods does Hurdlr use? (Pro)
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Hurdlr Pro allows you to add your simplified home office deduction to your tax settings, which is a great way to leverage your existing home office into valuable tax savings.

The IRS is strict on what qualifies as a home office, so before adding a home office deduction in Hurdlr, we recommend checking the criteria to ensure your space qualifies.

To Add your Home Office Deduction in Hurdlr

  1. On the Mobile App, tap the 3 dots icon in the top left corner or on the Web App, click on the gear icon in the top right corner

  2. Select ‘Tax Profile’

  3. Scroll to ‘Use Simplified Home Office Deduction?’

  4. Select ‘Yes’

  5. Set the size of your home office

  6. Click ‘Save’

  7. Now, your home office deduction will automatically be included in your tax calculations

If you opt to take the simplified home office deduction, you cannot deduct other home office related expenses that would be claimed through the regular method. Learn more here.

What Method Does Hurdlr Use for Home Office Deduction?

There are two methods for calculating your home office deduction: the simplified or actual method. However, Hurdlr Pro currently only supports the simplified method. That being said, you can track your home office related expenses by tagging them to the appropriate expense category.

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