Where is my Hurdlr data stored?
Updated over a week ago

All of your data is stored in Hurdlr’s cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Storing your data on the cloud instead of your specific device allows you to easily access your data at any time using any of your devices. If you change phones, lose/damage your device, or want to use Hurdlr on multiple devices, you’re able to do so. All of the data you track in Hurdlr syncs automatically, giving you access to your data any time you need it.

Your data is stored for as long as you have a Hurdlr account regardless of whether you have an active subscription. Your data would only be deleted if you delete your Hurdlr account at which time all of your data is permanently deleted from the cloud.

For additional information, you can also read our privacy agreement at hurdlr.com/privacy.

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