What devices can I use for Hurdlr?
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Hurdlr offers different platforms allowing you to use any of your devices to access your Hurdlr account. Since your data is stored on the cloud, it automatically syncs your account across all of your devices.

Mobile App

The mobile app should be used on your phone. We don’t recommend using the mobile app on your tablet or iPad since it is not optimized for those devices as the orientation cannot be changed.

The mobile app is great for quick on-the-go tracking. It gives you a snapshot of your business finances and taxes at the push of a button and lets you easily keep up with tracking and managing your finances, mileage, and taxes.

To access the mobile app, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Web App

The web app should be used on your computer, tablet, or iPad. Given the larger screen, the web app offers exclusive features like filtering/sorting, a search feature, a bulk delete feature, the ability to view reports, and more. Pro users also have access to more advanced accounting features including the Chart of Accounts, manual journal entries, advanced transaction tracking, and more.

To access the web app, log in here.

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