Yes! We recently launched a partnership with TaxSlayer to make tax filing easier and cheaper for self-employed entrepreneurs.

To get started, simply tap the Taxes icon on the bottom right of the Hurdlr app, and then tap "File Taxes". That will link you into TaxSlayer, and all your tax data from Hurdlr will transfer over to TaxSlayer's online filing platform. If you don’t have prior-year data in Hurdlr already or Hurdlr’s data is incomplete, don’t worry – you can enter in additional income and deductions in TaxSlayer at any point.

The tax filing feature includes your federal, state, and Schedule C filing for $49 (TurboTax and H&R Block charge over $100 for this).

We created a step-by-step guide to walk you transferring your Hurdlr data seamlessly to TaxSlayer:

  1. Tap File Taxes on your Home Dashboard


2. Tap ‘Get Started’. If you prefer to start later on your laptop or desktop, tap ‘Get Started on Desktop’

Selecting ‘Get Started on Desktop’, opens a chat window so we can send you your personalized filing link. You can also use that link to transfer your Hurdlr data over to TaxSlayer and create an account. 


3. Tap ‘Accept’ to transfer your data


4. Enter your personal info to create your free TaxSlayer account

5. Now that your account is created and your business tax info is transferred automatically, follow the on-screen steps to finish your tax filing. You can enter additional W-2s and deductions to complete your tax picture.

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