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How do Hurdlr reports help me with my taxes?
How do Hurdlr reports help me with my taxes?
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Exporting reports from your Hurdlr account is the fastest and easiest way to get detailed business financial data from the app to the people that need it, like your accountant.

Tax Details Report

The ‘Tax Details (for Tax Filing) report is a comprehensive tax report. This report helps streamline your tax filing, making doing your taxes efficient and accurate. To export your Tax Details report, follow the steps here.

The Tax Details (for tax filing) report includes all the business data typically needed to file your business taxes such as your business income, expenses, and mileage. If you have an accountant, CPA, or tax preparer, you can send the report directly to them, and they can easily view all of your data including any receipts you uploaded. If you file your own taxes using a tax filing software, you can export the report and use it to complete your tax return.

Self-Service Tax Filing Integration (Pro)

Hurdlr offers a tax filing feature as part of our Hurdlr Pro subscription. With this integration, all of your business income, expenses, and mileage are automatically imported into our tax filing partner’s software and into the corresponding sections of the Schedule C. From there, you’ll just need to complete any other required fields and add any other information such as W-2 income, personal deductions, etc., and then you can submit the tax return directly through their system. Your Hurdlr Pro subscription will cover the cost of Federal and states.

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