Hurdlr helps you track your sales tax, so you always know your sales tax obligation. On the Home Dashboard, you’ll be able to see your net sales tax owed (ie. sales tax from your income minus sales tax credits from your expenses).

To enable the Automated Sales Tax feature, go to the Taxes tab on the mobile app and tap the gear icon in the top right corner or tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the web app and select Tax Profile. Under the Use Automated Sales Tax option, select “Yes”. Hurdlr will automatically calculate your sales tax based on your selected province. 

If you’ve been using the app with this option disabled, it will prompt you to apply it to only future transactions or both past and future transactions. 

If the expense originated in another province or the income was earned elsewhere (ie. if you are shipping out-of-province), you can edit the sales tax for an individual transaction by tapping on it, then editing the province. 

In addition to seeing your sales tax obligation on your Home Dashboard, you can view it in the Taxes section. The main tax page will show you your current obligation, but you can tap Details to see the detailed calculations.

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