Android users have the option to track their mileage automatically via a connected Bluetooth device. Tracking via Bluetooth is the most accurate and battery-efficient way to track your mileage. With this option, your mileage will begin tracking when your phone connects to your selected Bluetooth device (e.g. your car’s built-in Bluetooth speakerphone, or a hands-free device that you use every time you drive) and stop once it disconnects. 

To set up the Bluetooth tracking option: 

  1. Tap the gear icon on the Mileage tab

2. Select Auto-start when "Connected to Device"

3. Choose which device you’d like to connect with to track your mileage

4. After selecting the device, you’ll see that it says “Enabled” next to it

5. You can tap on the device to disable it, or choose a car that you want all your drives to be tagged to when tracking with this device

6. When you start a drive, make sure your phone is connected to that Bluetooth device and your trip will be tracked automatically.

Note: if you change the name of your Bluetooth device, you will need to select the new name as your enabled device in Hurdlr in order to track your drives.

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