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Can I track my mileage via Bluetooth?
Can I track my mileage via Bluetooth?
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Tracking mileage via Bluetooth creates more accuracy when detecting the start and end of a trip. Additionally, it is a more battery-efficient way to continuously record your drives and movements. Bluetooth tracking is an option for Android users, allowing your phone to connect to your selected Bluetooth device to automatically signal the start/end of your trips

Options for Bluetooth devices include: a car’s built-in Bluetooth device, a hands-free device that you only use while driving, or any other Bluetooth device that you only use while driving.

To enable Bluetooth Mileage tracking on your Android phone:

  1. Navigate to the Mileage tab

  2. Tap on the gear icon on the right corner to open your Mileage settings

  3. Choose ‘Auto’ for Mileage Tracking Method

  4. Select ‘Connected to Device’ for Auto-Start when option

  5. Click on ‘Bluetooth Devices’ and select which devices you’d like to connect in order to track your drives

  6. After selecting the device, confirm that it says ‘Enabled’ next to it

  7. Click on the device to disable it or to add a specific car that you want all of your drives to be associated with when tracking with that device

Every time you begin a trip you wish to track, ensure that your phone is connected to the Bluetooth device that you’ve enabled in your Hurdlr settings and Hurdlr will automatically track the drive.

If you change your Bluetooth device (i.e. you get a new car), you will need to enable your new device in Hurdlr to continue tracking your drives.

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