What are my Mileage Tracking Options?
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The mileage deduction is one of the most valuable tax deductions for self-employed entrepreneurs. Whether you're a driver, real estate agent, rental property owner, freelancer, or any other type of self-employed entrepreneur, it's essential to track your mileage to maximize your tax deductions, and therefore your profit.

Hurdlr has three primary mileage tracking options:

  1. Automatic Mileage Tracking (only available with a Premium or Pro subscription)

  2. Semi-automatic Mileage Tracking

  3. Manual Mileage Tracking

Automatic Mileage Tracking

The automatic mileage tracker records all your drives, with auto-start and stop detection. All of the details about your drives are automatically recorded including the date, start/end time, start/end location, and distance driven. Note that automatic mileage tracking is a Premium feature, so it’s not available on the Free version of Hurdlr.

The automatic mileage tracker starts tracking when you reach 10 mph (as well as a few other factors) and stops after several minutes of inactivity. Alternatively, Android users have the option to track via Bluetooth, which starts tracking when your phone connects to your selected Bluetooth device and stops tracking when it disconnects.

After you complete your drives, they’ll pull into the ‘New’ section of the Mileage tab for you to tag as Business or Personal. To tag them, simply swipe left/right or use the Speed Tagging feature to tag multiple drives at once. Once tagged, your drives will be listed in the ‘Reviewed’ section of the Mileage tab and reflected in your mileage totals and reports.

To enable auto tracking, navigate to the Mileage tab (car icon) in the mobile app and toggle ‘Auto-Tracking’ ‘ON’.

To ensure your mileage is able to be tracked accurately, make sure to check the optimal settings as outlined here.

Semi-Automatic Mileage Tracking

The semi-automatic mileage tracker requires you to manually start and stop the tracker whenever you wish to track mileage. However, it automatically records the trip details during the trip that you’re tracking such as the start/end time, start/end location, and distance driven.

To track a drive with the semi-auto tracker:

  1. Navigate to the Mileage tab (car icon)

  2. Make sure that auto-tracking is toggled ‘OFF’.

  3. Tap the orange arrow icon in the bottom-right corner of the Mileage tab

  4. Tap ‘Start Tracker’ to start tracking your drive

  5. When your drive is complete, go back and tap ‘Stop Tracker’

After stopping the tracker, the trip you tracked will be automatically tagged as Business. To view or edit it, tap ‘Reviewed’ at the top of the Mileage tab.

Manual Mileage Tracking

Manual mileage tracking requires you to manually enter all of the details about each drive you want to track in Hurdlr. If you’re using the Free version of Hurdlr, you’ll need to manually enter the date, start/end location, and distance driven.

If you have a Premium or Pro subscription, you’ll be able to utilize automatic distance calculation and the round trip feature to help make your manual entry more efficient.

To manually enter a trip:

On the Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the Mileage tab (car icon)

  2. Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner

  3. Fill in the required details

On the Web App

  1. Navigate to the Mileage Dashboard

  2. Click the ‘+Add’ button in the top right corner

  3. Fill in the required details

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