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Why isn’t my mileage tracking automatically?
Why isn’t my mileage tracking automatically?
Updated over a week ago

If your mileage isn’t tracking automatically, there’s a few different things to check:

Do you have an active Premium trial or subscription?

Automatic mileage tracking is a Premium feature, so it’s only available during your Premium trial or if you have an active Premium or Pro subscription.

Is the automatic mileage tracker toggled on?

Navigate to the Mileage tab in the mobile app and verify that you have the auto-tracking toggle turned on.

Do you see an error on the Mileage tab?

If you’re seeing an error on the Mileage tab, it means your phone settings are not set correctly to allow Hurdlr to run and track your mileage. You should double check your settings following the setting guide here.

Are you keeping the app open in the background and interacting with it regularly?

Unfortunately, many apps have abused background activity, so both Apple and Android have cracked down apps running in the background. If you don’t keep the app open in the background and interact with it regularly, your phone may kill Hurdlr from running without your knowledge, which results in Hurdlr not being able to track your mileage.

Are you following the other optimal settings?

We’ve outlined all the optimal settings for mileage tracking here. You’ll want to make sure you’re following all of these for best mileage tracking performance.

If you’re an Android user, which auto-start option are you using? If using Bluetooth, have you set it up properly?

Android users have the option to track mileage via Bluetooth or via driving detection (i.e. 10mph+ option, which is based on speed and movement). You can check which option you’ve selected by checking your Mileage Settings (gear icon in the top right corner of the Mileage tab). If you’ve selected the Bluetooth tracking option, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve set up Bluetooth tracking properly, including setting it up for your specific device such as your car. If you get a new car or are driving a different car, you would need to be sure to set up your new Bluetooth device for tracking with Hurdlr.

If you’re an Android user, are the settings for your specific Android device set properly?

In addition to the optimal settings outlined above, there’s a few Android specific settings such as battery optimization, data saver, app power monitor, adaptive battery, etc that you’ll need to disable. These can get re-enabled with certain phone updates, so it’s always good to verify these even if they were set properly in the past. Check these settings for your device type here.

Need additional help?

If you’ve checked everything above, and you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our Customer Success team via our in-app chat. When you reach out, be sure to share a screenshot of your Mileage Settings (gear icon in the top right corner of the Mileage tab) to give our team a jump-start on helping you resolve this issue.

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