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How do I access my Advanced Accounting Reports? (Pro)
How do I access my Advanced Accounting Reports? (Pro)
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With Hurdlr Pro, you are able to access advanced reports such as your Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Trial Balance.

Balance Sheet

You can access your Balance Sheet in two ways:

  1. If you want to view your Balance Sheet in real-time, you can navigate to the Chart of Accounts in the Accounting section in the Web App. Your Chart of Accounts is an interactive Balance Sheet, and you can drill into each account to view more information.

  2. If you want to export a Balance Sheet report, you should select the Balance Sheet option listed under Accounting Reports.

Cash Flow Statement

You can export your Cash Flow statement by following the steps here.

Trial Balance

You can access your Trial Balance in two ways:

  1. Navigate to the Accounting Dashboard and select ‘Journal’. Click the Trial Balance button at the top

  2. Navigate to the Reports Dashboard and select ‘Accounting Reports’. Click the Trial Balance report to view or export

The XLS (spreadsheet) version of your Trial Balance sheet contains multiple sheets, so we recommend opening this report on a computer so that it can be viewed in its entirety.

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