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Exporting Reports
How do I export my reports?
How do I export my reports?
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Hurdlr allows you to export detailed reports of your data at any time and for any timeframe that you tracked data. There are many different reports and formats that are available.

Available Reports

Hurdlr’s reports are broken down into 6 main categories (7 for Hurdlr Pro users) with the most popular reports being grouped together at the top of the Reports page:

  • Mileage Reports

  • Expense Reports

  • Income Reports

  • Tax Reports

  • Time & Task Reports

  • Invoicing Reports (Pro)

  • Accounting Reports

By clicking on a section to expand it, you’ll be able to see a list of all of the available reports for that category. From there, you can export it via the mobile app or view, download, or email it via the web app.

Full Report List

1. Mileage Reports

  • Business Mileage by Business

  • Business Mileage by Client (Pro)

  • Mileage Detail List (Spreadsheet)

  • Personal Mileage by Category

2. Expense Reports

  • Business Expenses by Business

  • Business Expenses by Category

  • Business Expenses by Vendor

  • Business Expenses by Client (Pro)

  • Expense Details List with Receipts (Spreadsheet)

  • Personal Expenses by Category

  • Personal Expenses by Vendor

  • Total Expenses from Recurring Vendors

3. Income Reports

  • Business Income by Business

  • Business Income by Client (Pro)

  • Income Detail List with Receipts (Spreadsheet)

  • Personal Income

4. Tax Reports

  • Tax Form (i.e. Schedule C/Form 1065/Form 1120-S/Form 1120; exact option varies based on the entity you’ve selected)

  • Tax Details (for Tax Filing)

5. Time & Tasks Reports

  • Business Time by Business

  • Business Time by Client (Pro)

  • Business Time by Task

  • Time & Task Detail List

6. Invoice Report

  • Aged Accounts (Pro)

7. Accounting Reports

  • Balance Sheet (Pro)

  • Cash Flow Statement (Pro)

  • Profit & Loss

  • Trial Balance (Pro)

Report Formats

Hurdlr offers two formats for reports: PDF or spreadsheet. Most reports, like Business Mileage by Business or Business Expenses by Business, will be exported in PDF format.

If you would like to export your reports in spreadsheet format to open in Excel or another spreadsheet programs, select a report that has (Spreadsheet) next to the title, like the Expense Detail List with Receipts (Spreadsheet) report. Each report section has a spreadsheet version:

  • Mileage Detail List (Spreadsheet)

  • Expense Details List with Receipts (Spreadsheet)

  • Income Detail List with Receipts (Spreadsheet)

  • Tax Details (for Tax Filing) (Spreadsheet)

  • Time & Task Detail List (Spreadsheet)

For Pro users, the Balance Sheet and the Trial Balance reports are available in both PDF and spreadsheet (XLS) format. When you select to download or email one of those reports, you’ll be prompted to choose which format you’d like.

Exporting a Report

On the mobile app, you have the option to download or export your reports via email. While on the web app, you have the option to view, download, or export your reports via email.

On the Mobile App

  1. Tap the 3 dots in the top left corner

  2. Select ‘Reports’

  3. Choose the report you want to export

  4. Set desired range by editing the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’

  5. Add any additional email recipients by tapping the ‘+Add New’ button

  6. Tap the ‘Export Report’ button

  7. Choose whether you’d like to download the report to your device or email it

On the Web App

  1. Navigate to the Reports Dashboard (on the left hand side of screen)

  2. Scroll to the desired report

  3. Click the drop-down button on the right and select to ‘View’, ‘Download’, or ‘Export’ the report

  4. Set the desired date range by editing the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’

  5. Add any additional email recipients by tapping the ‘+Add New’ button

  6. Click ‘Download/Email Report’

Viewing Your Report in the Web App

The Web App gives you the ability to view select reports directly in Hurdlr.

  1. Log into the Web App on your computer or tablet at

  2. Click ‘Reports’ on the left-side of the screen

  3. Select a report that you’d like to view

  4. Click the blue ‘View’ button to view the report

  5. In the top left corner, you can customize the report

    1. Click the ‘Date’ field to select a default date range or custom date range

    2. If tracking multiple businesses, click the ‘Business’ field to select only certain businesses

You can only view PDF reports within the Hurdlr Web App. Spreadsheet reports need to be downloaded or emailed in order to open and view them.

After viewing your report, you can easily download or email it by clicking the buttons in the top right corner.

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