With Hurdlr’s invoicing feature, you can send invoices directly through the app. When invoicing a client, you have a couple of options for payment collection:

  • You can collect payment via credit card with Hurdlr’s payment collection feature. When using this feature, receipts are sent to your clients automatically once they complete the payment.

  • You can collect payment outside of Hurdlr’s payment collection feature (ie. cash, check, etc). With this option, a receipt is not sent automatically, but you have the option to manually send your client a receipt at any time.

To manually send a receipt, you must first ensure the invoice has been marked as paid. Then just follow these steps to send a receipt to your client:

  1. Click on Invoices on the left side of the screen

  2. Change the Type to Paid using the Type drop-down menu

  3. Click the Send Receipt button to the right of the invoice you want to send the receipt for

  4. You’ll then get a confirmation pop up that the receipt has been sent

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