Hurdlr’s invoicing feature allows you to issue refunds for invoices that your clients paid via credit card (through Stripe). You can easily issue refunds directly through your Hurdlr account without needing to interact with Stripe directly.

Once your client has paid their invoice via credit card, it will automatically be updated as paid. To refund one of these invoices:

1. Click Invoices on the left side of the web app

2. Click the Type filter and select “Paid”

3. Click the Action button for the invoice you’d like to refund

4. Confirm that you’d like to refund the invoice

5. This invoice will be automatically refunded via Stripe and your client will receive an email notifying them that the invoice has been refunded

Once an invoice has been refunded, it will be listed under the “Refunded” Type filter.

Note: Refunds processed via Stripe can take up to 5-10 business days to be reflected in your client’s account.

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