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How do I change my Entity Type? (US)
How do I change my Entity Type? (US)
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Hurdlr allows you to track all business income, expenses, and mileage for any type of Business, including Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, LLPs, S Corporations, and C Corporations.

Tracking your income and deductions in Hurdlr allows you to see real-time tax estimates and export detailed tax reports to assist with tax filing. To see the most accurate tax estimates and tax reports, you should set your Entity type to reflect your business structure.

By default, your entity type will be set to Sole Proprietorship, however, you can easily update this at any time.

To change to Entity Type in your Hurdlr account:

On the Mobile App

  1. Tap the 3 dots icon in the top left corner

  2. Scroll down and select ‘Account Info’

  3. Tap ‘Entity Type’

  4. Choose your Entity Type from the drop-down

  5. Tap ‘Save’

On the Web App

  1. Click on your name or username in the top right corner

  2. Click ‘Entity Type’

  3. Select your Entity Type from the drop-down

  4. Click ‘Save’

When setting your Entity type, you should choose the Entity type that reflects how you file (ie. if you have an LLC that files as an S Corp, you should select S Corporation as your Entity type in Hurdlr since that’s how you file).

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