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How do I invoice my client for expenses they're reimbursing me for? (Pro)
How do I invoice my client for expenses they're reimbursing me for? (Pro)
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If you have expenses that your client is reimbursing you for, tag them as Business and to the appropriate client when they pull into the Expenses Dashboard.

To Bill your Client for Expenses they’re Reimbursing:

  1. Make sure you have tagged the expense transaction to the appropriate client in the Expenses Dashboard

  2. Navigate to the Invoicing Dashboard

  3. Create a new invoice for your client

  4. Click the ‘Expenses’ button

  5. A list of expenses that you’ve tagged to that client will load on the right side of the screen

  6. Select the checkbox next to each one you want included in the invoice

  7. If you’ve attached receipts to these expenses, you’ll be prompted to select whether you’d like to add the receipt images/files to the invoice

  8. Click ‘Save’

  9. Finish creating your invoice

After sending an invoice that includes expenses your client is reimbursing you for, you’ll see that the Advanced section of those expenses notes that they were reimbursed via the invoice. You will also notice that the General Ledger will reverse the expenses since they’re being reimbursed and would not count as expenses or deductions. As such, expenses that you’re reimbursed for and the portion of the income transaction associated with the reimbursement will not be factored into your tax estimates.

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