How do I add a new client?
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In addition to tracking your data at the business level, you can also track it at the client-level.

Two Ways to Add a New Client:

From the Settings Menu

  1. On the mobile app, tap the 3 dots in the top left corner or on the web app, click the gear icon in the top right corner

  2. Select ‘Clients’

  3. Click the ‘+’ sign in top right corner

  4. Select which Business they’re associated with

  5. Enter the Client Name

  6. Click ‘Save’

While Entering/Tagging a Transaction or Trip

  1. Navigate to the Income, Expenses, or Mileage Dashboard

  2. Select a trip or transaction

  3. Tag the expense as Business and choose the appropriate business

  4. On the mobile app, tap the Client field and tap the ‘+’ sign in the top right or on the web app, click the Client field and click ‘+Add New Client’

  5. Type the Client Name

  6. Select 'Add', then 'Save'

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