With Hurdlr Pro, you can send customized invoices to your clients. If you have clients who you do business for regularly, they may wish to add a card on file, so you can charge them automatically/immediately when you send their invoice.

If your account is set up to accept payments via credit card through Stripe, then before sending your invoice, you can then toggle on the “Charge Card on File” option.

If your client has not yet added a card on file, you will see a pop-up to send a billing link to your client so that they can add a card on file:

Your client will receive an email asking them to add their card on file:

Once your client has added a card on file, you’ll be able to toggle on the “Charge Card on File” option and proceed with sending the invoice and automatically charging your client. Your client will receive two emails: one with the invoice and one with a receipt.

Important Note: If your client adds their card on file, it will give neither you nor Hurdlr access to your client’s credit card number.

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