In the Employee version of Hurdlr, you have the ability to export the Reimbursement report that your employer also has access to.

In addition to your Reimbursement Report, you can also export these reports:

  • Business Mileage by Business

  • Business Expenses by Business

  • Business Expenses by Category

  • Business Expenses by Vendor

Note that any Mileage or Expenses that you tag as Personal will not appear on any of your reports and will not be accessible to your employer.

To export your reports:

  1. Tap on the Reports tab on the bottom of the screen in the mobile app, or click on Reports in the web app

  2. Select the report you would like to export

  3. Set the Start and End date for the report

  4. Tap Export Report

If you need to send a report to another email address, tap the Email Recipients field or tap Add New to add an additional email address.

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