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Can I provide Hurdlr for my bookkeeping clients? (Accountants)
Can I provide Hurdlr for my bookkeeping clients? (Accountants)
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Accountants and bookkeepers can provide Hurdlr to their clients by creating an Accountant Dashboard. Hurdlr’s Accountant Dashboard makes it easy to provide your clients with a Hurdlr Pro subscription so they can track all of their mileage and finances in one place. Once you’ve added your clients to your dashboard, you can log into any of their accounts directly from the dashboard, without having to keep track of separate logins per user.

To create your Accountant Dashboard:

  1. Enter the email to use for the Dashboard (NOTE: The dashboard cannot be the same email as an existing Hurdlr account)

  2. Enter your Business Name

After creating your dashboard, you’ll want to enter your payment information so you can start adding your clients. Click on your email, then click "Payment Info" to add your card for monthly billing.

Once you’ve added your billing information, you can then add your clients by clicking the Add User button. Simply enter their name, email, their business type, and their business name, then click "Save Details" and they’ll receive an invite to log into Hurdlr and start tracking their information.

Note: the business type and business name field will default to Other and My Business respectively, but you can customize this for your clients if you’d like. Otherwise, they’ll be able to customize this once they log in.

If one of your clients has an existing Hurdlr account, you’ll be prompted to chat with our Customer Success team about how to proceed.

If you have questions about the dashboard or pricing, you can contact our Customer Success team via in-app chat by tapping the question mark icon in the top right corner of your dashboard or via email at

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