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Can I provide Hurdlr for my bookkeeping clients? (Accountants)
Can I provide Hurdlr for my bookkeeping clients? (Accountants)
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Accountants and bookkeepers can provide Hurdlr to their clients by creating an Accountant Dashboard. Hurdlr’s Accountant Dashboard makes it easy to provide your clients with a Hurdlr Pro subscription so they can track all of their mileage and finances in one place.

Once you’ve added your clients to your dashboard, you can log into any of their accounts directly from the dashboard, without having to keep track of separate logins per user.

To Create your Accountant Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Accountant Sign Up page

  2. Enter your email address that you want associated with this Dashboard (Note: This cannot be the same email as an existing Hurdlr account)

  3. Type in your Business Name

  4. Click ‘Create an Account’

To Add Your Payment Method for Monthly Billing

  1. Once you’ve created your account, click on your email in the top right corner

  2. Click the ‘Add’ button next to ‘Payment Information’

  3. Enter your payment details

  4. Click ‘Update Card Details’

To Create Hurdlr Accounts for your Clients

After adding your payment method, you can start adding users, which will create their account and send them an invitation to log into their Hurdlr account.

  1. Click the orange ‘+Add User’ button

  2. Enter your client’s name and email address

  3. If desired, enter your client’s business type and business name

The Business Type and Business Name field will default to ‘Other’ and ‘My Business’ respectively, but you can customize this for your clients if you’d like. Otherwise, they’ll be able to customize this once they log in.

4. Click 'Save Details'

After clicking the ‘Save Details’ button, your member will be listed in your dashboard, and (they will receive an email with their login information to log into the Hurdlr account that you created for them.

If one of your clients has an existing Hurdlr account, they’ll receive a notification to grant you access to their account. You will not have access to their reports or account until they grant you access.

Navigating the Accountant Dashboard

On the Account Dashboard, you do have access to a lot of features in order to organize your clients and their data. Accountants can provide a Hurdlr Pro subscription to their clients in order for them to track their mileage, finances, and taxes.

To Remove a Client:

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the ‘Action’ button

  2. Select ‘Remove User’

  3. Confirm you’d like to remove this user

View Reports for a Client

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the ‘Action’ button

  2. Select ‘View Reports’

  3. Choose which report to view

  4. Select the desired date frame of the report

  5. View or download the report as needed

Log into a Client’s Account

  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to the ‘Action’ button

  2. Select ‘Log in’ to be taken into their account

  3. Complete any desired actions on behalf of your client

  4. Click ‘Return to Dashboard’ when finished

Monthly Reconciliation and Year-End Closing

Hurdlr offers accountants an easy and convenient way to organize and finalize financial records for their clients through Monthly Reconciliation and Year End Closing. These Accountant-only features will help you review your client’s transaction data to ensure that it is accurate and tracked properly. Plus the Year End Closing helps you automatically close your client’s books, resetting the balances of their temporary accounts.

Monthly Reconciliation

Reconciliation is an ‘Accountant Only’ feature that allows accountants to ensure that their client’s transactions tracked in Hurdlr match their bank and credit card statements. This process is typically completely monthly to help ensure account balances and reporting are up-to-date and accurate.

To Reconcile your Client’s Bank/Credit Card Account

  1. Click the ‘Action’ button next to your client’s name in the Accountant Dashboard and select ‘Reconcile’ from the drop-down menu or within your client’s account, navigate to the Reconciliation Dashboard (Under Accounting)

  2. Click the ‘Add Closing’ button

  3. Select ‘Monthly’ from the drop-down

  4. Select which of your client’s linked accounts you’d like to reconcile

  5. Select the timeframe you’d like to reconcile

  6. The beginning balance will populate automatically based on the beginning balance/balance as of the begin date (if this is the first time that you’re reconciling this particular bank account or credit card, you can edit the beginning balance field to set the starting balance for that account)

  7. Set the end balance based on your client’s account balance as of the end date

  8. Click ‘Next’ to begin the reconciliation

  9. Go through the list of transactions from that account for the selected timeframe and categorize them accordingly (if your client has already categorized transactions, you’ll see those categorizations reflected, you can click on them and make changes as needed)

  10. Once you’ve categorized all of the transactions, you’ll see the ending balance and Hurdlr’s balance match, where $0 is remaining to be reconciled

  11. To finish the reconciliation and save the transaction categorizations, click the ‘Save’ button

  12. After saving your reconciliation, it will be listed in the Reconciliation Dashboard with the end date, account, end balance, and status of the reconciliation

If the reconciliation is not balanced and you click the ‘Save’ button, it will save your changes and show the reconciliation as ‘In Progress’. You can go back and complete it at any time.

Year-End Closing

The Year End Closing is an Accountant-only feature that allows you to close your client’s book. Closing the books prevents any further changes to the data from that year, and automatically creates a closing journal entry to close out the temporary accounts.

Once closed the books cannot be reopened, so you’ll want to ensure your client’s data is accurate and finalized before closing the books.

To close your client’s books for the year:

  1. Click the ‘Action’ button next to your client’s name in the Accountant Dashboard and select ‘Reconcile’ from the drop-down menu or within your client’s account, navigate to the Reconcile Dashboard (Under Accounting)

  2. Click the ‘Add Closing’ button

  3. Select ‘Yearly’ from the drop-down

  4. Choose the year that you want to close

  5. A pop up will appear to warn you that once you close the books for the year, you are no longer able to update/edit transactions from that year or any year before that year

  6. To proceed with closing the year, click ‘OK’

  7. A journal entry will be created for January 1st of the next year, closing out the temporary accounts to the appropriate equity account.

    1. For Sole Proprietorships, accounts are closed to Owner’s Capital

    2. For LLCs and LLPs, accounts are closed to Capital Stock

    3. For S Corps and C Corps, accounts are closed to Retained Earnings

To easily view the closing journal entry without going through the Journal, you can click on the year-end closing in the Reconciliation Dashboard, then click the ‘View’ button to view the details of the journal entry.

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