Can I email my receipts to Hurdlr?
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If you receive receipts via email, you can send them directly to your Hurdlr account via email. Forwarding your receipts makes it even easier to add your email receipts to your Hurdlr account and attach them to your expenses.

Receipts should be emailed one at a time to with your receipt as an email attachment. Once you’ve sent the receipt, you’ll get a notification that Hurdlr received your emailed receipt, and it will be added to your list of Unattached Receipts in Hurdlr.

To link your emailed receipt to the corresponding expense in Hurdlr:

  1. Tap on the expense in the Expenses tab

  2. Tap “Attach Receipt”

  3. Tap “Choose unattached Receipt”

  4. Select which of your receipts you want to attach to the expense by tapping on it

  5. After attaching the photo and completing any other required fields, tap “Save”

Emailing a receipt does not automatically create an expense or link it to a specific transaction, so be sure to attach the emailed receipt to a transaction in order for it to be included in your list of expenses and deductions.

Important Note: An emailed receipt will only be added to your list of “Unattached Receipts” if it is sent from the same email address that your Hurdlr account is under. Receipts forwarded from an email address other than the one that matches your Hurdlr username won’t be added to your account and will not be accessible.

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