With Hurdlr’s Time & Tasks feature, you can track your time spent on different tasks. Hurdlr Pro subscribers can even use the time they’ve tracked to generate invoices for their clients. 

To use this feature, navigate to the Time & Tasks section by tapping the 3 dots in the top left corner on the mobile app and selecting Time & Tasks or by clicking the Time & Tasks button on the left side of the screen on the web app.

There are two primary ways to track time:

Hurdlr’s Built-in Time Tracker

  1. To use this feature, tap the orange clock icon in the bottom right corner of the mobile app or click the “Open Tracker” button in the web app

  2. Select “Start Tracker” to start the timer

  3. Enter the details like your business, client, task, and any notes you want to enter

  4. Once you’ve completed the task and want to stop the timer, tap the “Complete” button

  5. After stopping the timer, the time entry will be listed on the Time & Tasks section

Manually Enter Time

  1. Tap the plus button in the top right corner of the Time & Tasks page of the mobile app or click on the “+Add Time” button in the Time & Tasks page in the web app

  2. Enter the task details like the duration, date, business, client, task, and any notes you want to enter

  3. Select “Save”

  4. After saving the time entry, it will be listed in the Time & Tasks section

To learn about how you can use these time entries to create an invoice, check out the article here. 

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