When you're manually entering mileage, Hurdlr can automatically calculate the distance of your trip based on your starting and ending location.

To automatically calculate the distance of a trip, start typing your starting address into the Starting Location field. As you type in an address, you’ll see a list of addresses appear. The first entry in the list will be exactly what you have typed, and will show a paper icon to the left. Below this, other suggestions for the address you are typing will appear with a map icon to the left. In order for Hurdlr to automatically calculate the distance, choose one of the options that appears with the map icon.

Note: If you select the first address with the paper icon to the left, the distance will not be automatically calculated.

After you have chosen a starting address, repeat this process for the ending address. After choosing a starting and ending location, the Duration and Distance will automatically populate:

If you want to track the starting and ending time of your drive, you can enter the time you finished your drive in the Arrival Time field. Based on the duration, Hurdlr will automatically calculate the start time of the drive.

Note: When manually entering trips, you can also use the Round Trip button to automatically generate a return trip for the return leg of the drive, saving you even more time. Check out this article to learn more.

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