Hurdlr’s automatic mileage tracker easily records all of your trips to and from your destinations, giving you a detailed record of where and when you drove. However, if you prefer to manually enter your drives, you have the option to mark a drive as Round Trip.

Marking a trip as a round trip will create 2 separate trips -- the trip from A to B and the return trip from B to A. Separately tracking both directions of your trips ensures you’re accurately tracking and reporting your mileage, which gives you much more detailed and precise records for your business drives and tax estimates.

Note: The Round Trip feature is only available for manually entered trips. It is not possible to create a Round Trip for an auto-tracked trip.

To enter a drive and mark it as a round trip:

  1. Tap the plus sign in the top right corner of the the Mileage tab in the mobile app, or click +Add on the Mileage tab in the web app

  2. Enter the trip details such as the date, start/ending address, distance, etc.

3. Select Round Trip at the bottom

4. Select Save and Create Round Trip

This will duplicate the trip that you entered, but reverse the addresses to account for the return drive. Just tap Save to save the reverse trip. After saving, you will see both trips listed in your Mileage tab.

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