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How do I merge multiple trips into one trip?
How do I merge multiple trips into one trip?
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You can use the merge mileage feature to combine multiple trips into one trip. Typically, you should only use this feature to merge a single trip that was broken down into multiple segments (e.g. because you were in stop and go traffic) or to merge drives from a driving shift (such as when you were online for your rideshare or delivery gig). NOTE: Merging your trips cannot be undone.

To merge your trips in the mobile app:

Tap on the orange speed tag button in the bottom right corner of the Mileage tab (Note: Auto-tracking must be on to see the speed tagging button). From there, use the checkboxes to select the trips that you wish to combine.

Once you have selected the necessary trips, you can click the blue arrow icon on the right to merge them into a single trip.

To merge your trips in the web app:

Go to the Mileage tab by clicking Mileage on the left side of the screen. From there, select the checkbox next to each trip you wish to combine, then click the merge icon at the top next to the trash icon.

In order to maintain a detailed and accurate mileage log, we do not recommend merging completely separate trips into one. For example, if you are a Realtor and meet with a client to view several homes, you should keep the drives from Home to House A, House A to House B, and House B to House C as separate drives, so you have detailed records and reporting of where you drove.

If you are looking for a faster way to tag your drives, you can use Speed Tagging to quickly tag your drives in bulk as business or personal.

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