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How do I track personal mileage (medical, charity, etc)?
How do I track personal mileage (medical, charity, etc)?
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While Hurdlr is meant to track your business finances and deductions, you can also use it to help track personal itemized deductions (like medical mileage and charity mileage).

To track medical, charity, or other personal mileage in Hurdlr:

  1. Navigate to the Mileage tab

  2. Tap on a drive

  3. Tag it as ‘Personal’ and the ‘Personal Category’ field will appear

  4. If applicable, tap the ‘Personal Category’ field and select a personal category you’d like to tag the trip to

  5. Tap ‘Save’

While you can’t add your own Personal Mileage Category, you can always add any details in the Notes section to record other details about your drives.

How can I get a report of my Personal Mileage?

  1. Export your Mileage Details List report by following the steps here

  2. Select ‘Personal Mileage List’ tab of the report

  3. Here you will see your personal mileage along with the corresponding personal deduction, if applicable

Hurdlr estimates your taxes based on your self-employed income and your business deductions. Personal itemized deductions (such as medical or charity mileage) that you track in Hurdlr and may wish to claim when you file your taxes are not reflected in your self-employed tax estimates.

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