There are two main reasons your report may appear blank:

#1: You’re opening it on your phone or only opening the preview mode on your computer. To get the most value out of your report, we recommend following these best practice tips:

  • Save the report file from the email attachment for your records

  • Open the report on a desktop computer (not your phone) using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

#2: You haven’t tagged transactions or mileage as business/personal for the timeframe of the report: In order for data to be exported from the app, transactions and mileage need to be tagged as business/personal or entered manually. If the transactions and mileage are currently pending (on the New screen of the app), they will not be exported in your reports. 

If you’re still having issues viewing your report, please reach out via in-app chat or email us at, so our team can help you resolve the issue. 

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