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How should I handle reimbursable expenses? (Pro)
How should I handle reimbursable expenses? (Pro)
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If you have reimbursable expenses, be sure that you have the card that you charged them to linked with Hurdlr. You can follow the steps outlined here to link your bank or credit card for automatic expense tracking in Hurdlr. When they come into the Expenses section of Hurdlr, be sure to tag them as business and to the appropriate client in the Expenses section of Hurdlr. When creating an invoice for your clients, you’ll see the option to add expenses they’re reimbursing you for. 

Once you’ve sent the invoice, in the Advanced section for those expenses, you’ll see it noted that they were reimbursed via the invoice. You will also notice that the General Ledger will convert those expenses to be counted as COGS instead of true expenses since they’re being reimbursed. 

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