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How do I mark something as Equity? (Pro)
Updated over a week ago

There are situations where you may need to categorize a bank transaction as Equity (e.g., a transfer to yourself for Owner’s Draw). When you need to mark this type of transaction, you’ll want to enter it as Owner’s Draw, since it is not a true expense. It is important to mark these transactions as Owner’s Draw because then it will track properly in your General Ledger.

To Mark a Transaction as an Equity Transaction

  1. In the web app, navigate to the Transactions Dashboard > Money Out

  2. Select the specific transaction to expand its details

  3. Click ‘Advanced’

  4. Under ‘Expense Type’ choose ‘Equity’

  5. Enter the Expenses Category (‘Owner’s Capital’ or ‘Owner’s Draw’)

  6. Click 'Save Details'

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