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Can I track my mileage automatically during specific hours?
Can I track my mileage automatically during specific hours?
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While you can't set the automatic mileage tracker to only track during certain times, you can set custom work hours to make it easier to tag your business mileage. Any trips you take during work hours will appear in the New section of your Mileage tab for you to tag as Business or Personal. Trips that you track outside of your work hours will automatically be tagged as Personal.

To enable Work Hours, tap the Mileage tab > Mileage Settings (gear symbol) > Work Hours > toggle switch on and set the hours during which you'd like to be prompted to tag your drives as Business or Personal.

The Work Hours feature lets you set multiple segments. So, if you need to add more segments of work hours in a day, click the + to add a different section.

NOTE: Segments must be in order from earliest to latest.

If you work from one day into the next, you can also set your work hours accordingly. Just ensure that the first segment ends at 11:59pm and the segment for the following day starts at 12:00am. Click here to read more.

If you would like to quickly tag your trips tracked during work hours as Business, you can do so using the speed tagging feature.

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