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Can I track my mileage automatically during specific hours?
Can I track my mileage automatically during specific hours?
Updated over a week ago

While you can’t set the automatic mileage tracker to only track during specific hours, you can set custom Work Hours to make it faster and easier to tag your business mileage.

With Work Hours enabled, any trips you take outside of your set Work Hours will automatically be tagged as Personal. This way you only need to go through and verify the drives that occurred during your set Work Hours. You can even use Speed Tagging to tag multiple drives at once or Mileage Rules to set rules for recurring business drives.

To enable Work Hours:

  1. Navigate to the Mileage tab

  2. Click the gear icon in the right corner to open your Mileage Settings

  3. Tap ‘Work Hours’

  4. Toggle the switch ON

  5. Set your Work Hours by clicking the checkmark for each day you want to enable and setting the start/end time

  6. If you have multiple segments for your Work Hours within the same day, tap the ‘+’ sign to add additional time segments to the same day

To set Work Hours to go overnight

If you work from one day into the next, you can set your Work Hours to do that same. To set this, make sure the segment goes to 11:59pm and that the segment for the following day starts at 12:00am. When set this way, your drives will be seamlessly tracked and pulled into the app for you to review and tag as business.

For example, if I work from 9:00pm Friday night to 2:00am Saturday morning, I would set my Work Hours as the following:

Any drive taken outside of your set Work Hours, will be automatically tagged as Personal. All drives tracked within your Work Hours will require you to tag them as Business or Personal.

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